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Kitts Family Group Sheets

They are combined with Potter Group Sheets. There are several notable Kitts researchers represented: Larry Kitts, Drucilla Falk, Carl Murdock, Mrs. Margaret Blatz (deceased). Michael Elliott sent me photographs from the Stephens-Hall Cemetery where Louisa Ayles Kitts is buried. Carol Posey sent me her work on the Ayles family. And, of course, Dr. Marguerite Potter and her sister, Grace Potter Tippett left notes on these families.

Most of the family pictures are in the possession of Sylvia Potter Robison.

David Kitts
b. 17 Apr 1841
d. 28 Jun 1923
Margaret A. McCormick
b. 4 Mar 1842
d. 8 Oct 1930
Original in the possession of
Carol V. Yocom, 1/5/99

Original retouched in the following manner:
scratch and dust removal
Ida and Ona Kitts
This image is from a very poor photocopy given to me about 15 years ago by Mrs. Blatz. She had numerous Kitts photos, but this was one of the few identified with names.

The original photocopy is extremely poor and this is the best I could do using just about every trick in the book.

See under Potter for the Kitts twins and their husbands.
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