Excerpt from Vantine Family Book in the possession of Richard Van Tyne of Richardson, Texas. [I now have three versions of this book: the DAR copy, the Richard Van Tyne copy, and the copy from Kathleen Mercer-I think it was Kathleen]

Our grand-father: John Van Tine son of Cornelius and Nellie Ames Van Tine was born February 7th 1787 in Fishkill Landing and at one time when a boy lived in the old De Windt house now called Van Wagen house on the Poughkeepsie road. He learnt the blacksmith's trade in his brother Samuel's shop but his health failed him early in life, consequently he followed farming most of his days. In 1811 he married Frances Phillips daughter of Catherine Phillips and David [sic--Daniel] Phillips. They were cousins. They are buried in the old Dutch Church burying ground (in) Fishkill Village. Frances Phillips great-grand father came from Holland. He built the half stone house next to what is now Charles Brinkerhoff place on the left hand side of the Poughkeepsie road.

He had four sons and two daughters. Grand-mother thought the sons were born in Holland. One of the sons married Lavinia Sawyer. They lived on leased land in the Verplanck place. The Verplanck land then reached to Fishkill Village. Phillips and Lavinia Sawyer Phillips had three boys and three girls. Two died young. Abram married Easter[.] Catherine [married] her cousin David Phillips One married Polly Ostrander, they both died of fever while on their way to California. One child never married. David and Catherine Phillips had two children Abram and our grand-mother Frances. Abram lived married and died in Bloomingburg Sullivan Co. N.Y. Frances was married to John Van Tine son of Cornelius and Nellie Van Tine in 1811.

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