Family Group Record for John Francis Yocom

Husband John Francis Yocom

           Born: 29 Mar 1917 - Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana
           Died: 7 Jul 1980 - Stanford, Santa Clara, California
         Buried:  - Cremated

         Father: Eugene Francis Yocom (1886-1966) 1
         Mother: Ruby Elizabeth Dinkel (1889-1968) 1

       Marriage: 5 Sep 1942 - Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana


1. Cause of Death: 7 Jul 1980, Stanford, Santa Clara, California. stroke, arteriosclerosis

2. Death Record: 7 Jul 1980, Santa Clara, California.
03/29/1917 DINKEL
314-01-0176 63 yrs

3. Social Security Death Index: Jul 1980. 1
Name: John Yocom
SSN: 314-01-0176
Last Residence: 94403 San Mateo, San Mateo, California, United States of America
Born: 29 Mar 1917
Last Benefit: 94403 San Mateo, San Mateo, California, United States of America
Died: Jul 1980
State (Year) SSN issued: Indiana (Before 1951)

Wife Beverly Jane Carpenter

           Born: 23 Nov 1921 - Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana
           Died: 11 Jul 1987 - Kentfield, Marin, California
         Buried:  - Cremated

         Father: Earl Wallace Carpenter (1887-1930)
         Mother: Ella Weinbrecht (1891-1985)


1. Birth Certificate: 1 Mar 1954, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana.
Photocopy provided by Sandra Marker.
Local Record of Birth
City of Lafayette, Indiana
Department of Health
A. J. Bauer. M.D., Secy.
112 North Seventh Street
Lafayette, Indiana

THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that our records show _Beverly Jane Carpenter_
was born in ______Lafayette_______, Ind., _November 23, 1921______
_Earl Carpenter (father) _________________Ella Weinbrecht (mother)_
Birthplace of father _Indiana__________ Birthplace of mother _Indiana_
Recorded locally in Book No., _ CH-8___ Page No. _40_____
Date filed _Nov. 26, 1921________

Signed ____A. J. Bauer, M.D. ____ Secy.
_Lafayette, Ind.__ __Mar. 1, 1954_______

2. Newspaper Articles: 5 Sep 1942, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana.
Lafayette, Indiana
Compiled and Contributed by Joan Rodenberger

Carpenter, Beverly Jane & John Yocum m - 5 Sept 1942

3. Cause of Death: 11 Jul 1987, Marin, California. colon cancer

4. Death Record: 11 Jul 1987, Marin, California. 2
MARIN 07/11/1987
314-01-0176 65 yrs

5. Social Security Death Index: Jul 1987. 1
Name: Beverly Yocom
SSN: 314-18-8490
Last Residence: 94925 Corte Madera, Marin, California, United States of America
Born: 23 Nov 1921
Died: Jul 1987
State (Year) SSN issued: Indiana (Before 1951)

1 F Sandra (nmi) (Living) Yocom

           Born: 29 Jun 1944 - Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana
         Spouse: Marc Linthacum (Living) Marker (1941-          )
           Marr: 28 Aug 1965 - Tarzana, Los Angeles, California

2 M John Carpenter (Living) Yocom

           Born: 8 Apr 1947 - Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
         Spouse: Carol Glenn (Living) Van Tine (1949-          )
           Marr: 22 May 1970 - Little Chapel Of The Flowers, Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada. (Divorced 22 Sep 1983)


1. He served in the military 4 Jan 1969 in Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas. Spent four years in the Air Force, SAC. Sergeant. Served in Guam during the Vietnam War.

2. He was employed 10 Aug 1970 in Palmdale, Los Angeles, California. Lockheed California

3. He had a residence between 1974 and 2006 in 45047-16th Street West, Lancaster, Los Angeles, California.

4. He was employed in 1999 in Palmdale, Los Angeles, California. Manager, mechanic, troubleshooter

5. Newspaper Articles: Jun 2004, Lockheed Aeronautics, Lancaster, Los Angeles, California. From Lockheed Newsletter, June 2004:

The Aeronautics Star is printed for readers like John Yocom, perhaps better known at Site 2 as John FOD. John joined Lockheed in 1970 and since then has worked on the L-1011, F-117, A-4 and P-3, and subsequently transferred to the U-2 program where he first worked as a mechanic and then became a crew chief in production flight and flight test. Following his recovery from serious accident in January 2001, he returned to Site 2 as the Tool Control FOD Coordinator to oversee FOD control on the U-2 program.

"FOD is a very serious issue. In our business, it's one of the most critical things we have to think about on a daily basis. It boils down to eliminating risk to the lives of men and women - it's a feeling I can't describe other than 'gut wrenching'. To eliminate FOD is everyone's duty - to accept responsibility to constantly step up the standard to ensure we stop FOD. Our customers deserve nothing less. It's a reputation we need to uphold, and it's critical to the company's bottom line."

Known for his vigilance on FOD awareness and prevention, John's co-workers convinced him to have his badge name changed to read JOHN FOD. Site 2 can boast more than 15 FOD-free years. Incidentally - John is not related to Mammy (Pansy) and Pappy (Lucifer) Yokum, the staple characters in Al Capp's popular Li'l Abner comic strip from the early '40s.

6. Retired: 2005, Palmdale, Los Angeles, California.

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